Our policy has been and always will be, "customer first." Our relationship with each and every client has always been open, honest and fair. Repeat business and consistent referrals and references show us that our practices work. We strive to create a team and partnership with the client, so we can achieve the best results possible.

Our industry contacts include many major equipment suppliers and our long term local relationships include almost every pipe, pump and water/wastewater supplier and repair facility in the state. These relationships contribute to achieving quick, comprehensive responses to inquiries and assistance. Moreover, experience working with varied treatment and supply/distribution facilities, allow our operators to troubleshoot problems and optimize equipment to bring the best treatment practices to the project. Our experience with wastewater systems allow us to optimize plant operating characteristics such as recycle activated sludge rates, mixed liquor concentrations and sludge processing and handling. High quality effluent and ample safe drinking water is the primary goal, and overall energy savings with any optimized processes benefits any system.

Our Operations and Maintenance experiences include:  
  • Ongoing monitoring of all pumps and equipment related to your water and wastewater system
  • Comprehensive plant and pump station operation and maintenance, including the ability to make all necessary repairs, and to evaluate the treatment process and make the necessary adjustments to achieve optimal reliability and compliance
  • Fully trained and licensed, professionals including certified operators and technicians
  • 24/7 emergency response for all facilities under contract
  • Prioritization of preventive maintenance
  • Monthly operations reports, including recommendations for capital improvements
  • Sample collection, laboratory analysis or transport to certifed labs
  • Professional representatives who have good working relationships with regulatory agencies